First blog post?


I’m not the greatest at beginning the first page of a blog, or know what to post for my first photo on Instagram or which ever… Just like when I purchase a new journal I would skip the first couple of pages before I actually begin writing (weird, I know). I always feel like I would screw up somehow, but that’s beyond the point. I’ve always wanted to start a blog hoping to inspire others in some way. I’ve dreamt that for so long…and well I guess I’m going to try to make that happen this year (new year new goals?)…or try to. I haven’t really thought of what my blog would amount to but most likely it would be about beauty, personal life style, or… all around. I guess it’ll be a surprise.

I hope you’ll be able to tag along and hopefully find something inspiring, motivational throughout my blog and journey through life. I hope we’ll be able to become friends and that you’ll embark on this journey with me.

The name is Annie Lauj, and your?

Until then


Annie L.


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