I got a Nose Job?! Thoughts on Plastic Surgery?


Woah! Wait a minute! Can we just take a moment to appreciate my nose? I mean look at that beauty! I still can’t get over it. It’s just so…perfect!

In all seriousness, no I did not get a nose job. Thanks to the power of makeup there is contouring which requires no fee to get exactly what you want…well maybe not exactly but temporary…you know what I mean. I’m not even sure how I got my nose to look this flawless…but I did and I love it! I wish my nose looked like this forever! It must have been the angle or the magic of contouring who knows.

With that said, would I ever consider getting plastic surgery or any kind of reconstruction for the love of beauty? My answer to that is simply no. Although it may appear to look great on others who have had parts of them done or fixed, I myself would still prefer not to. I am in no way of objection towards those who are interested or are in the process of getting a surgical fix at all. The choice is yours. Your body. Your features. If you’re doing you, then that’s all that matters. Everyone’s opinion about your choices shouldn’t have to interfere with what you choose to do. You do the things you do by your own will, not theirs.

I myself would probably never get any type of plastic surgery or surgical fix done unless it’s just a scar from a cut and some stitching that needs to be done and that’s probably the most I would ever get done (yes I know that’s not a whole surgical fixing or not even, but you know). I want to live the life God has given me whether it be filled with insecurities or not and turn them into something beautiful. God made me this way for certain reasons and I want to embrace that. For everything He created is beautiful in His eyes. I wouldn’t want to change anything about my physical features unless if change is done naturally (e.g., working out for that beach body).

Plastic surgery may be for others but for myself I would choose not to. I would rather embrace myself with the way that I was brought into this world and make it into something much more beautiful. Money may be able to buy many things, but I promise you it will not last forever. Again, I am in no way in objection to or have anything towards those who are interested in a surgical fix or have had something done. I simply just have my own way of beliefs when it comes to matters like so. Don’t get me wrong though, I am open to talk or discuss anything. This concludes my thoughts for the night.

Good night



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