Oily Skin after Your Makeup Application? SAY NO MORE! I Got You Covered!

Do you have oily skin but love makeup so much that you just can’t resist caking your face for a night out hoping your pores won’t end up spewing everywhere? Some days when I would feel like caking up to work and after a long day (which I previously worked at a fast food restaurant) of handling customers and running everywhere I would always come home and look at myself in the mirror and notice how much oil my face had built up through out the day. Of course I knew what the outcomes would be about wearing a full face of makeup working at a fast food restaurant but I did it anyways. Although I do have to say, being completely honest, that some days I would actually come home with no oily cake face but other times…yeah you know it.

As long as I can remember I have always had a problem trying to contain my oils after an application of makeup. But nonetheless I’ve continued to wear it anyways. If I can remember correctly the only time I ever thought I’ve nailed to control my oils after applying makeup was ONCE by using a primer from Elf Cosmetics. Come to find out…that really didn’t work except for that ONE time I wore it and it somehow really kept my oils from pouring out. I honestly don’t even know how I did it and I sure can’t ever do it again.

Now I’m not really sure how to describe what my skin type is but I suppose I would label it as a combination between dry and oily, I don’t know. Anyways, I believe it was just last year when I started to venture out into other drug store brands that were getting it up there like NYX Cosmetics. I can’t say I love the brand but there are a few products that I like…love…whichever. Even though I am still branching out to NYX Cosmetics and trying their products to see if I like them, I somehow picked up one of their products…the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder. I believe I picked up this product to be a translucent powder for baking as I was in need of one, but boy come to find out I was totally wrong. Of course I ended up not using it as a baking powder because just look at that powder, it’s sooo thin and flaky, smokey. You just got to have it to see it. But yes the purpose of the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder is to set the foundation allowing your skin to appear radiant and luminous while absorbing oil leaving you with a flawless matte finish. Of course I didn’t even read what the purpose of the product was and just grabbed it carelessly thinking I could use it to bake my face, like girl come on now. After several times of putting it to the test it really wowed me (is ‘wowed’ even a word?). I mean literally. It really kept my oils in check during the day and night, and even after applying it a second or several times when I needed to.

I would always use this product as my finishing touch after applying everything else to have a flawless matte finish and to catch any oils that have started to form before I am even done applying makeup on. When applying the product, I usually just dab a generous amount onto my brush and tap off the excess into the lid and use what’s left on my brush and then if I needed more I would go back and pick up the rest that I had dabbed off into the lid and use it. Now I usually use a lot of this just so that I wouldn’t have to reapply it again throughout the day but I also found out that even after you start to become oily after using this product you can always go back and add more on top of the oils and it would leave you with a completely  matte and flawless fresh appearance again which I found to be so amazing (I’m not even kidding, you really got to try this if you have oily skin). Also, when applying the product all over your face you also want to make sure you dust it evenly so that the product sets to where you would like it to cover. If you do not dust it and just let it sit on your skin and clump up it will leave your skin with a white splotch. So girl, make sure you sweep, dust, however you describe it, make sure you apply it evenly so that there are no clumps and splotches of the white powder left behind.

This product is one of my holy grails, my must have for oily skins. It’s a total game changer. I’ve used this product on my sisters and highly recommended it to them which they totally have come to love as well. So if you’re struggling with oily skin and don’t know what products to use or how to control them, I suggest you run to a drug store nearby and grab you one. It’s very inexpensive and you can get it at any of your local drug stores such as Walmart, CVS, and Target. You won’t regret it, I promise you.


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