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Today I will be sharing with you all as well as review one of my current favorite Korean beauty skincare product I recently received and am totally in love with. If you’re curious to know more…read on!

So a while back I recently received a Korean beauty skincare product from 0.8L USA from reskin cosmetics which is a moisturizer toner and pore cleanser. The name of the product is called Water Wear Skin with its’ main ingredients consisting of  “Anthemis  Nobilis Flower Water, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Water, Berry Blossom Complex”. Its’ purpose is to tone the skin and supply moisture to soothe areas of the skin that are agitated or have become rough. Not only does it help revive and nourish the skin itself, it also has the ability to leave the skin with a vibrant glow. I also love how the product is made for all skin types instead of only specifying one particular type of skin. The product is very easy to use and ever since I’ve started using it I cannot put it down.


P A C K A G I N G :

Before we get into details, as always I would like to begin with the packaging of the product. The box from which the product came in is very simplified and unique. As I’ve said countless of times I am totally for anything that is simple yet unique. The color of the box as well as the product is both black and white. The product bottle pretty much has the same information as the box does which is very useful, so when you use it you won’t have to flip back to the box for instructions etc… since there is already a label on the product bottle on how to use. The only thing that bothered me was the bottom end flap of the packaging on the box. It doesn’t really seem secured as it is a match and lock type flap. The package (box) does come with English labels (as well as Korean characters) and everything you would need to know about the product. The other only problem I had besides the flap that bothered me was the instructions on how to use the product properly. It didn’t really give me any specific instructions on how to use so I had to improvise with what little information I had that was given to me. Now a little about the product bottle itself…as I’ve already said, the bottle and box has about the same information on how to use etc… which I find is very helpful and useful. They also both have a compass design on the top end of the product cap and box. The product itself is a pop off cap and pump application applier which is very easy to use and get around with.I generally love anything that is made simplistic and this particular packaging and product bottle is everything. Other than that, the packaging was perfect.


P R O D U C T  R E V I E W :

Now moving onto the actual product itself…I really have to say I am totally in love. Yes, the product is scented with flowers according to the ingredients I’ve mentioned earlier giving it a really fresh and authentic-like scent. The product bottle labels that it contains Chamomile flower water…which I’m not so sure if that is the scent the product gives off or if it is the combination scents of the ingredients combined. Nonetheless I am totally in love with the scent it gives off because it smells so delicate and refreshing. The capacity of the product is 3.38 fl.oz./100 ml which is a pretty decent size and amount to last for a long while depending on how much you use. I am currently using one pump which is…I believe to be about the size of a quarter droplet. As I mentioned before there are no specific details as to how to use or how to apply the product directly to the skin, the only thing it tells you is to “take a suitable amount of the product and apply evenly to the skin”. When I applied it myself I originally used a cotton ball to soak up the water then applied it to my face as evenly as possible but since I wasn’t too fond of that idea I decided to pump the product into my hands (cleaned hands) and then applied it to my face and massaged it into my skin. After applying it, it does leave a little sticky consistence on your face but once it dries up you wouldn’t even be able to feel it as if the product itself has evaporated. Now I usually apply a pump of the product before bed and in the morning after washing up which is my current routine with the product. It leaves the skin moisturized and soft which I really love and also leaves the skin glowing. I feel as if after applying it you can definitely see your skin change into a more livable glow. Although I’m not so sure if that’s just me or whichever. But I believe it definitely sets a difference between your bare skin and skin with the product on. Before I forget to mention…the consistency of the product is of liquid form although it is free-flowing like water I feel that it has a little more viscosity than water has which is different and interesting from all other products I have tried. I admire that the product isn’t directly like water because then I would feel it’s just water instead of something special (but that’s just me). Overall I am truly in love with the product itself. I find it so delicate and unique. I love everything about the product except the two things I did mention earlier about the packaging and labels. If I had to rank it from 1-5, I would rank it a 5 out of 5 being totally in love and satisfied with the product. And for kicks and giggles, this one is definitely #AnnieApproved!


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