If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Youtube you’ve probably seen me wear a particular pair of contact lenses…preferably the same pair of lenses each time. If you’re curious to know what pair of lenses they are and where I got them from, read on!

The lenses that I’ve been loving so far and happen to wear it so often in most of my photos and videos is the ‘ASHLEY S-BROWN (3 COLOR)’ lenses from KlensPop (Korean beauty  cosmetics lens provider). As if the name of the lenses don’t already say, the coloration of the contact lenses is brown although it also seems to have a combination of two other colors as well (hence the name). If you were to look at the lenses closely or examine it you could probably see a hint of green and yellow within the brown making it a mutual brown that’s not too dark nor light. In my opinion, the coloration is perfect. Even though my natural eyes are brown the lenses are still able to make my eyes pop. They definitely enhance my eyes and give it a more outstanding effect to where you are able to notice the difference yet maintaining a natural appearance. With the diameter being 14.5mm which isn’t too big or making your eyes too dolly or bulgy, in my sense the lenses are perfect if you’re opting for lenses that are natural looking. Although it does make your eyes a little bigger than usual you won’t be able to really tell at all. I believe it gives off a natural appearance or it’s close enough. But in my tastes for lenses, I would consider it natural looking.


P A C K A G I N G :

The packaging of the lenses arrived to me in a bubble envelope with bubble wrap wrapped around the box of lenses and taped securely. The box in which the lenses came in was nicely packed. It came not only with the lenses itself but also with a pair of tweezers (which I was surprised because I didn’t even expect them to provide one unless they’ve stated it and I had known which I did not know). Upon opening the box was the pair of tweezers then the two lenses in it’s bottles. There were no lens case that were provided (which is normal unless the company states it) although I found it to be difficult to store the pair of lenses with the tweezers that came with it. The box that the lenses came in was very detail in graphics but did not provide any details of the product itself or how to use. It also didn’t come with any instructions or information about the company brand which I was kind of disappointed. I really wish they had provided a little note of some sort telling me what their brand is and their goals as well as a how to use and product care for the product. But if you go to their website you’ll be able to find all the details you would need or want to know. Although like I said, I would have preferred for them to have sent a little note or so along with their lenses so that I would be able to know a little more about their brand and products.

C O N T A C T  L E N S E S :

The color contact lenses are very beautiful. They are very light when wearing and are also very comfortable. Whenever I wear them I can hardly feel them on my eyeballs which is what I really like about them. The comfort level I would rank it on a scale of 1-5 would be a 5 out of 5 being amazingly comfortable. I also adore the color of the lenses as well. Even though they are brown they aren’t just brown (hence the name) but also a combination of two other colors giving it a mutual tone of brown that’s glowing. The coloration is neither too dark nor light which I find to be perfect because the colors of the lenses are still able to enhance my natural eye color.

L I F E  S P A N:

If you look online you’ll see all the information you would need to know about a particular lens and for my particular lens that I have right now, the ‘ASHLEY S-BROWN (3 COLOR)’ you’ll find that it’s lifespan is 6 months. If you think about it, it’s life span is half a year which is relatively a good amount of time but as for me I enjoy having contact lenses that live up to be about a year old. I don’t really buy color contacts unless I really want them and when I do I usually spot for lenses that live up to be a year old. But for this particular lens I would say it’s lifespan is good. Even though it doesn’t live to be a year old it’s always good to change out and throw away old lenses as it is not good to reuse lenses after their end date of use. Always be aware of the lifespan of your color contacts and keep track as old lenses past their end dates may cause problems of some sort to the eyes and damaging them. Anywho, I would try my best to enjoy the next few months with the ‘ASHLEY S-BROWN (3 COLOR)’ lenses as much as I can.


Overall, I really love the ‘ASHLEY S-BROWN (3 COLOR)’ lenses and would love to try other lenses that KlensPop has to offer. The ‘ASHLEY S-BROWN (3 COLOR)’ has got to be me current favorite from all the other lenses that I have at the moment. It’s comfort level is beyond, the way it enhances my eyes are perfect, and it’s something I’ve been looking for in the color brown. It definitely has me beat for the other brown contact lenses I’ve had in the past and currently have. Not to mention their prices are affordable as well as the sales items. They also carry prescription lenses otherwise noted if I haven’t already mention.  If you would like to know more about Klenspop, check out their website (http://klenspop.com/en/) and Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/klenspop) for more information.



I am very privilege to have been able to review one of their contact lenses for you, the ‘ASHLEY S-BROWN (3 COLOR)’ lenses, and offer you my up-most honest review of the lenses itself. Thank you so much KlensPop. I hope to review more of your products in the future. 


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