M A K E U P G O O D I E S : G O – T O ‘ S [edition one]

When it comes to deciding which lipstick is best to complete the look I always have a difficult time choosing. I mean who doesn’t? What goes through your mind when you’re about to pick the right lipstick to complete your look?

Now I am not so sure about you all, but for me in particular I always have a difficult time pairing the perfect lipstick to complete the look. The problem is not really picking the perfect lipstick but it is really about how I am going to wear it. The two most important questions I always ask myself when applying makeup on is…”Where am I going?” and “How long am I going to be wearing my makeup for?”. I am probably just making things worse but I would rather be safe than sorry; and the next thing that I am about to say is probably going to sound contradicting…but whatever. If you do not already know me, I personally do not carry makeup with me on-the-go unless I really need to which is done rarely. So with that being said, I personally prefer to have my makeup done as nicely as possible to where it would last me as long as it can without having to touch up on it and that also includes my choice of lipstick.

Now you are probably going to ask me why is my choice of lipstick so important. Well, let me tell you why. Before I begin, here is another fun fact about me: I am a messy eater. Yes, I am definitely a messy eater and I believe that is self-explanatory. So…that makes my choice of lipstick a bit difficult especially when I am going out to places to which I may happen to be eating. Therefore, I always opt for a lipstick that will last me all day, does not transfer, and hardly needs any touch-up application. Among the many lipstick options that I have I really just opt between two of the few brands: LimeCrime’s Velvetine liquid lipstick collection and Anastasia Beverly Hills’s liquid lipstick collection.

In my opinion, LimeCrime’s Velvetine liquid lipsticks are everything. They are highly pigmented, bright, and bold. Not only that but they are also long-lasting and hardly transfer at all. I love that it stays on very well as it applies. Their lipsticks are definitely my go-to’s since they are long-lasting which is something that I really love about which makes my life so much easier. Although I personally would not wear them out if they do not pair up with my full face of makeup for the day. But if I really wanted to wear one of LimeCrime’s Velvetines, but with it appearing too bright and bold to match my eye-makeup whatsoever, I would apply as little as possible and then build up the application to how I would like it to appear and settle there. Even with just a drop it is still very pigmented and will last me a very long while, kid me not. So if you’re looking for a lipstick that will last you all day without having to reapply for any touch-ups I would recommend LimeCrime’s Velvetines. I promise you will not be disappointed. The next lipstick that I would recommend or prefer (from my collection) for on-the-go is the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks. They have such a variety of different colors and also are very beautiful. They are long-lasting and do not transfer at all. I have tested it and it seemed to be worthy. Another lipstick that I would definitely wear out if I do not wear LimeCrime’s Velvetines. As of now I only have four of their many shades of their liquid lipstick collection but hope to own more. The Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks are definitely one of my favorites and they too will not disappoint you at all.

Both the brand name lipsticks that I mentioned are absolutely my favorites and my go-to’s when I am going out and happen to be wearing makeup for a long period of time. As I have already said, I personally do not carry any makeup products with me so it is very important for me to wear something that will last me all day long. The reason as to why I would prefer to wear and have something that will last me all day is that I personally do not like reapplying anything since I am very critical with it as it may take up time to touch-up on or fix if it appears problematic. Other than that, there you have it. My go-to lipsticks that are long-lasting and non-transferable. The retail price for both brands are $20.00 each unless they are on sale. The price does not really make a difference but it is a win win for either or. I adore both brands and lipsticks but to be exact I would probably prefer LimeCrime’s Velvetines as I just really love their formula. I believe their formulas for their liquid lipsticks are everything, as if I did not already say. Both brands comfort level for their lipsticks are also beyond. I love them both as well, although I would probably have to say Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks are rather more comfortable as you cannot feel it after an application. Although my love for both brands are beyond; if you have yet to try them I suggest you give them a go when you can. You will not be disappointed at all.

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