R E S K I N B B S K I N SPF46+/PA++ l P R O D U C T R E V I E W

Good morning!

I hope you’ve had your cup of coffee by now and enjoying your Monday so far. I cannot believe it is already the second week of April 2017! Where has time gone? Anyways, I hope you will have a lovely day today.


Today’s Monday post will be a review of the Reskin BB Sun SPF46+/PA++. It will also be a very short and concise review than my other previous reviews but I hope you will enjoy this post anyways.

This product was sent to me by @0.8l_usa . Thank you for sending me such a lovely product to try and review. As if it doesn’t already say, this product is a bb cream for sunscreen, protecting the skin from exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Its’ features also includes covering up skin blemishes as well as fine wrinkles.

Yes, this product is just as thick as sunscreen/sunblock itself as well as its’ scent. The coverage for skin blemishes is light- to medium-coverage, enough to cover blemishes without notice. Although this particular bb cream is lighter for my skin-tone, I believe I would have enjoyed it more if it was in my shade. Overall, I believe this is a great product to wear out on the beach or outdoors if you plan to not wear any makeup and will be under the sun. This can simply serve as a replica of foundation to cover up any skin blemishes whilst enjoying the outdoors and protecting your skin.

I wish I had this product on hand when I was at the beach earlier in March as I was always outdoors and exploring during my vacation with friends. I believe it would have done me justice since I was always having exposure to the sun and happened to wear makeup every day I was there. To be able to wear the bb cream alone, I would probably have mixed it with a darker foundation to match my skin-tone. This is definitely something I would wear out if I am planning to be outside under the sun all day or if I needed a sunblock that would at least give me coverage.

Packaging: 5 out of 5 (simplicity at its finest)
Product: 4 out of 5 (would love it if it was in my shade)


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