My oh my, was it just my luck or what!? If you have been keeping up with my blog posts or blog in general, you may have heard of “Nice to Monaco” before. Yes, I have done a previous blog post about one of their products and this time I am also reviewing another product of theirs. The first product that I received from them was the Nice to Monaco: Water Wear Skin which is actually the “Step 2” product which I absolutely love. Now this time I will be reviewing their “Step 1” product, the Nice to Monaco: Water Wear Foam Homme. I am so excited to have both the first and second step products in my hands!

As always… I will begin with the packaging and then break down the review of the product itself.


P A C K A G I N G :

Since I have already done a review with their first product that was sent to me, I will probably keep this one short since they are quite similar. The only difference about the packaging is that the box is a solid black with white prints. The box also has Korean and English instructions that are very simple to read on how-to-use and details about the product and brand story. The bottle of product itself is also a solid black with white prints. The products Step 1 and Step 2 are very unique as they are color oriented in black as Step 1 and white as Step 2. So it is very easy to differentiate which one is to be used first as well as reading its’ labels. Yes, the product container also has English labels and goes in details about its’ use, features, and the company’s details. As if I did not already say, it is very similar its’ other product that goes hand-in-hand together. The product’s simplicity is what makes it so unique and simple to use which I absolutely love.

P R O D U C T  R E V I E W :

Reading the labels on the product itself, the product contains a capacity of 4.05 fl. oz. (120mL) and is the Step 1 product. Its’ container is also very easy to open and use as you only have to pop it open and squeeze a generous amount to use. The product itself is a pure white thick cream-like foam but once lathered with water it becomes a foamy consistency. After lathering it with water, simply rub the product lightly onto the face while using massage-like motions then finish it off by rinsing it with warm water. In general I like how the product works as it washes out all the oils on my face and makes it squeaky clean but the only thing I am not too fond of is the after-feeling. The after-feeling makes your skin very tight-like to the point where it will squeak if you ran a finger down your cheek or so. I cannot really explain the feeling correctly in words but the feeling is not so satisfying to me if I only used the Step 1 product itself and nothing else after that. The foam cream is similar to this other Korean facial product that I also have which also has the same similar features. Most importantly–before I forget–this particular product is used for moisture supply, oil/water balance control, as well as a comport shaving cream. The scent of the product is also very light and very clean which I also like. I really admire how it goes hand-in-hand with the Step 2 product as it cleanses the skin and then applying moisture to complete the routine. Overall, it is a very good product and simple to use. I really like how it makes my skin feel clean as well as allowing my pores to breathe before applying the Step 2 product onto my skin.


Overall, I actually like this product as it has a second product that goes along with it. If it did not have a second product to go with it I would most likely not use it as often as I do now. I usually use the two products in the morning when I wake up and right before bed. It definitely helps clean the oils of my face as well as moisturizing my skin. If I do not use the products as I do every morning and night, and without having no lotion or other moisturizer applied I will often find my skin to become dry and flaky. Other than that I love how the pairs work together to keep my face and skin cleansed and moisturized. If you have not yet tried them before and would like to I would highly suggest you to try it.


Packaging: 5 out of 5
Product: 4 out of 5




S O C I A L  M E D I A  L I N K S :

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