I have been thinking about blogging at least twice a week…what do you think? What other topics would you like me to blog about? These days my mind has been so curious about things lately and I too have been feeling under the weather about certain things and just want to blog it away but at the same time I do not want to sound so annoying. Let me know in the comment section below of what other blog contents you would like to see. I am open to anything!

Anyways, today’s blog post will be featuring “The Hair Mother Cellar [HAMOCELL] Color Protect Treatment”, a hair care product that supplies moisture to frequent hair dyes, repairing damaged hair by adding nutrients, protection against harmful external environments, adding glossiness and resilience to the hair, and more. The list goes on. Also this is the first time I have received a Korean hair care product and boy was I eager to try it.

P A C K A G I N G :

The packaging is so informative. It has all the information you would want to know about the product itself. I love how detailed it is. The packaging contains details of the overall function of the product, two uses of the product itself: “for longer color stay!” and “Optimal repairing effect!”, directions on how to use, the ingredients, warning effects of the product, and lastly the brand story of “The Hair Mother Cellar” which I find are so useful in understanding what the product is and how to use. I did not get to take a photo of the box from which the product came from but the box itself is A1, detailed to perfection and I love it! The product itself also contains the same details as the packaging does. Very informative. Now the product itself is also very nicely made. The pump is also very easy to use and pumps a very generous amount of the product. The packaging and everything of that sort is beyond, I love it!

P R O D U C T  R E V I E W:

When pumped the product comes out in a pure white form; a very soft and delicate conditioner-like form. It also has a very strong scent when freshly pumped out of the container which I am not so fond of. It has a very strong mint, sour, cleansing smell to it. Although after washing your hair with it, the smell goes away. Since this is a “Step 2” product, I normally would use a shampoo that I have on hand and then use the “Color Protect Treatment”. It definitely is like a conditioner, so if you are using it alone be aware. My hair right now is currently boxed dyed, a dark brown, which I believe is okay to use the product to help out with maintaining the color (if it helps any) as well as helping my hair from previous dyes and damages. As I have been using this product for some time now I still cannot say if it really is helping my hair or not, but I hope to see or feel more results soon. For now when using it, it does knot out all the knots I have in my hair and does make my hair feel glossy and sleek after using it. One of the few things that I did notice after using it for some time now is that it does make my hair look a little more healthier than before. Recently I have not been straightening my hair nor using any hot irons on my hair, but the other day when I did, I noticed that it was very easy to straighten my hair. Maybe the product is working somehow? I cannot say but when I straightened my hair for the first time in a long time it felt so easy and I did not have to go over a section of my hair several times as I normally would. I am no hair expert whatsoever and do not specialize on hair but I totally felt the difference. I was pretty amazed. I am currently using this product along with one of Dove’s shampoos. Since I also have thick hair although it looks very thin, I would normally use two pumps of this product which helps a lot by making sure I have enough of the product to distribute among my hair.


I really wish I had the “Step 1” to go with this “Step 2” product as I am very particular about things that comes in sets. But since I received this one alone, it will have to do. As I have already mentioned, I am not so sure with the results I am getting if I am receiving anything from it. Although there are just a few things that I have noticed while using the product. The few things that I have noticed about the product and like myself is that after using is it is that I love how it untangles all the knots in my hair and makes my hair feel lightweight, new, and glossy. But with only a few notices, I cannot say that this product is good or not, but if you have recently dyed your hair or would like to maintain the hair dye yourself, it would not hurt to try something new.


Packaging: 5 out of 5
Product: 3 out of 5




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