The most requested product review out of all the beauty products I currently own and have on hand, the Glam Glow Sonic Blue Gravity Mud Firming Treatment mask. I understand that this product review has long been overdue but it is still never to late to post about it. As this particular item is only limited edition, the Sonic Blue, you still have the opportunity to try the mask in its’ original form which is available online on Glam Glow’s official website as well as Sephora. The original price is $69.00 which is pretty expensive if you ask me, but if you are a facial care or mask treatment type individual your moneys’ worth will be worth it.

The Glam Glow Sonic Blue Gravity Mud Firming Treatment was actually gifted to me through entering a giveaway on Facebook. I never thought I would ever win a giveaway but surprisingly I did! I was so overjoyed and to be honest I did not even know what I was entering for except that it was a marvelous price. When I finally got to put it to use I was astonished by the affects it had. Enriched with a scent of pina colada and filled with richness in a thick blue flowing consistency, the product itself was everything! A small yet beautiful and soft brush applicator also came along with the product which makes it so much easier to apply the mask. The brush itself is probably the softest brush I have ever felt in my life and the bristles as well! I definitely love the brush applicator, it is everything I kid you not!

When using the mask itself, make sure to apply just enough so that when the product dries on your face it will actually be a peel-off mask. Yes, this mask is a peel-off mask and will only work as a peel-off if you have enough of it on your face when it dries. As much as I loved the mask itself and trying to conserve it, one cannot possibly conserve it without applying enough during one usage. Therefore, in my opinion, you can only use the mask so many times before it runs out. I cannot recall how many times I used it but I can say that it was only for a few times. If you plan on using the mask with another person other than yourself it will probably last you a little while but if you are sharing with more than one other person I would probably suggest having two of the products. So now you are probably thinking “If I can use it for only so many times is it worth my $69.00?”, well the answer really depends on you.

Thoroughly filled with ingredients to fulfill the skin to youth again with firmness and a lifting affect while moisturizing the skin, it is worth the price. One of the things that I really love about the mask is that after one use of it, it leaves your skin feeling soft all day long if you are makeup free for the day. I remember applying it the night before I was leaving to the beach and while on the road the next day I was still able to feel how soft and new my skin felt. It was still as soft as a baby’s butt and I only applied the mask the night before! It was probably around noon the next day that I noticed that my face was still soft and cleaned.

After applying the mask and letting it dry for about 20-30 minutes, the mask does become firm and tightens the skin. By this time if you try raising your eyebrows it would be very difficult as you can only raise your eyebrows to an extent. Then when it comes time to peel off the mask you may want to take your time and be sure to peel off as much as you can. But if you cannot peel off parts of the mask, no worries you can still wash it off. I would advise to not peel off the mask over the sink or over any wet areas as when the mask touches a wet surface it would melt and leave a stain (a momentarily stain), but if you choose to do so, be aware. After peeling off the mask and rinsing the face with lukewarm water your face will instantly feel soft and cleansed. The feeling is reminds me of how soft a newborn baby’s butt feels. No kidding! You would not even want to put anything else on your face after that mask! The mask literally gives me life and makes me love my skin even more! I cannot stress how beautiful this mask is, you really just got to try it yourself.

In all honestly all I have to say is that I really love this mask. I love the aftermath it leaves your skin. The applicator is beyond and happens to be my favorite brush at the moment for an applicator. Even though I am no fan of pina coladas, the scent is alright as it is not too strong or light. The time length for the application of the mask is perfect as I personally like facial masks that are longer than 10-15 minutes, this one is 20-30 minutes! The enriched blue color…ou so heavenly and richly flowing! How can you not fall in love with it!? The only thing that I am not so fond of is the amount the product contains. I wish it held more than what it holds. That’s the only thing I am not a fan of. Other than that the product is great! I would really recommend using it only when you feel like you need a deep facial cleansing or a facial that will help you relax your skin or before a big event.

So is it worth the price? Yes, compared to other products that are more costly this is probably your best bet. Even if you would like to try this mask for fun, go for it. It is totally worth it and I guarantee you will love it! I am also wanting to try their other masks as well but probably one day soon. If you have not or have been wanting to try this mask, please do yourself a favor and your skin a favor by making your purchase of this mask now. Try it, I am sure you will love it! Maybe you will even love it more than I do!

Again, I apologize for the very late review of the Glam Glow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment mask but I hope you enjoyed it and hope it may have helped you out whether you are thinking about purchasing one yourself. If you would like me to review any other products, let me know in the comment section below! Do not forget to follow me on my other social media links as well!

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