Finding Motivation…

Annie, where was last week’s Monday post? That my friend I can honestly say I was not too sure of what to post and I was pretty exhausted over the weekend. If there is nothing worthy of telling or sharing with you I most likely would not have the energy to quickly scribble something down just to have a Monday post. I literally would not do that for the heck of it. I want to be able to publish something that is worth a read. I want it to inspire you in someway or even inspire myself. Every post I have ever published on my blog I make sure to put in time and effort to make it the best, or try to. I want it to be the best. Even if it may not be the best I will strive to make it better each time.

Often times I find myself lacking motivation and I have to admit once it’s gone it’s difficult to get back. Most times I do not even know how to deal with it. I suppose I can say that I would usually just wait around until it comes around…but I know that path is rather difficult because what if that motivation never comes back around? So I thought of trying something new like looking up motivational quotes, finding inspiration on Instagram, and/or watching Youtube videos. I love reading motivational quotes because they give me a sense of energy–if you know what I mean. Other times I would turn to Instagram and Youtube for inspiration for new makeup ideas to recreate or gather ideas of how to do certain things differently, for example, filming my Youtube videos.  Lately I have encountered a few new ideas that I have incorporated into my routine in hopes of gaining my sense of motivation back by (1) writing down weekly goals and tasks I would like to complete and (2) short-term goals I would love to have accomplish leading up to long-term goals. I understand my way of doing things may differ from yours vice versa and that is completely okay. As long as you are tackling one task at a time you will eventually get where you want to be. So do not worry! Everyone has their own time for everything.

What are you tips and tricks on getting that lost motivation back? Let me know in the comments below!



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