Thoughts on the Blog: YOU

While growing up we all experienced all kinds of things, different things. We learned not to do things a certain way, say things a certain way, and did things in a certain way. Yes, there are a lot of things that we have learned throughout our years of living and I guarantee you you wouldn’t be able to list it all. But one thing for sure is, we all at least in one point of our lives decided who or what we did not want ourselves to become. No matter how hard we strive to be the better person from what we have learned through our experiences reality would hit us the other way and instead show us who we truly are. We are never going to perfectly grow into the one person who we imagine we’d be because at the end of the day when you finally get to sit down and think about it, your heart will truly reveal the truth. The hard truth about who you are.

I personally have always learned things through others which I never expected, but you know, the unexpected somehow always turns out to be expected. I don’t know why nor know how but it is what it is. Maybe we are just feeding ourselves lies about the hard truth or just don’t want to be torn by it. I don’t know. As a child growing up, I mentally made myself a list of who or what I did not want to become because I never ever did want to become what I’ve seen or whatever happened. That just wasn’t for me and I didn’t even want to stick my nose in it. Now I’m not saying I dodged every bullet to avoid the pain but I wanted to be a better me for the future me. I wanted to be someone who would make their parents feel proud, their siblings proud. Even though some people may have had it worst or have gone through the worst situations that there could possibly be, I did not want to fall into that path because I know it would be difficult and I personally did not want to live a lifestyle like that. Not many of us are blessed with what we wish we had, but those who do should be thankful and blessed. Not everyone gets to experience that drop of happiness everyone so craves.

I believe I am getting a little off topic here but what I am trying to say is that sometimes in life when we go through obstacles, we tend to forget who we are and fall into the idea of who we do not want to be. We then become the opposite, the one ideal person we sought to never be and become. Even though we may have become who we never intended to, well, that just means we are human. No one is near perfection even if we all tried to be we still wouldn’t be perfect. So it’s okay to fall apart sometimes. It’s okay to be that one person who you thought you’d never be. But if you put enough work and effort to do better you will return to who you truly are in no time. I believe everyone has a side of them whom we have never yet experienced nor seen. But through time and getting to know them, we will eventually come to know what kind of human being they truly are. If you have ever got to experience someone’s other side, a side they rarely have shown, you must be someone special to them in my opinion. So if you’ve ever met someone like that, keep them. They’re the special ones–the ones who are willing to listen to your cries if you’re willing to listen to theirs.

Even if you have met many different types of people or people in general, just remember that no matter what you do does not truly reflect what or who you are until you feel you have potentially shown them who YOU are. But if they happen to judge you without even knowing who you truly are, they are the ones who are lost. For they do not even know your worth. They don’t know who you are yet they assume they know you. No matter how long you have known someone for it does not mean you have discovered their whole individuality…or have you? You may be able to tell someone you know them truly for who they are on the inside and out but whether they deny it or not, who is the one who is truly the honest? Will we ever know someone for who they truly are or will we have to spend the rest of our lives or several of days with them to fully understand them?




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