Farewell, May…

In a blink of an eye May has come and gone while June is slowly yet quickly making its’ way in through the year. I cannot say if the month of May has brought me happiness or sadness, or this year in general but I am hoping to make the best of it at the least.

May was a month of realization. A month of nothing but self-quality time to reflect on who I am as an individual, what I wanted to do, and what I will do. The time I have spent alone throughout this month definitely opened my eyes about certain things such as the people around me, the world, and the environment I am currently in. Even though those particular subjects have come into play of realization, one cannot simply become a new individual, but what I can say is that their outlook on life in general will be new–in other words, different. The way they choose to take on the world will be a different perspective than before–the unimaginable.

Therefore, I hope to become a better person with a new and different perspective on life and its’ qualities. Although I must admit it will definitely be a challenge, or a challenge for myself within the coming days. But I must also state that the change may not happen over night nor tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but rather it will be a work in progress. I too am sure that if one person is able to tackle a goal each day or by the hour, they will be able to accomplish anything if they put their mind into it. As we have always heard the phrase, “hard work pays off”.

So, as the new month of June approaches I want to give you my blessings. May you continue to grow in your faith in what you believe and do or will do. If you are still lost in this world, like myself, remember you are not alone. There comes a time for every one person to shine and if your time to shine has not come yet, do not worry. I assure you your time will come soon, if you are willing to work towards it in whatever you do. May the month of June bring you all blessings of offerings and opportunities. May we all work together in some way to connect and reach success together, if not alone. We all have started from the ground up, so if you are kind enough, please, lend a helping hand to those who are in need or are seeking guidance. Let us all begin this new month of June with a refreshed mindset and work towards our goal.


Good Luck,




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