Klenspop Review: ‘Angry Brown (Brianna)’ & ‘Ashley-S Blue (3 Color)’

Hello, I am back with another review. This time I will be reviewing another set of cosmetic lenses from Klenspop, a Korean-based cosmetic contact lens company. The two that sets of cosmetic lenses I will be reviewing will be the ‘Angry Brown (Brianna)’ and the ‘Ashley-S Blue (3 Color)’.

A N G R Y  B R O W N  ( B R I A N N A ) :


The ‘Angry Brown (Brianna)’ cosmetic lens is very unique. As it dresses your eyes with color (appearing to be darker than light), it also has the ability to enhance the enlargement of the eyes giving the eyes a dolly-like effect with its’ diameter to be 14.8mm and its’ graphic diameter 14.6mm. As with all cosmetic lenses, the average life span of this particular pair is able to live up to six months. The comfort level, in my opinion, is very comfortable from a rate of one through five, with five being the most comfortable, I would rank it a five out of five. When wearing it, if worn properly, you would not be able to feel anything at all. It is also very light and delicate.

Although I love trying on new cosmetic lenses of different types, I would rather prefer cosmetic lenses that have a more natural appearance. But those that happen to appear as dolly-like, I too am still fond of them but find it a bit challenging as to how to wear them to make the type of makeup I will be wearing with it. Other than that, I still am very fond of the ‘Angry Brown (Brianna)’ lenses and would wear it with particular looks depending on certain occasions. As they are also known to be very short lived, half a year, I plan on wearing them as much as possible before their death. I also absolutely love how comfortable the lenses as well as the color.


A S H L E Y – S  B L U E  ( 3  C O L O R ) :


Compared to the ‘Angry Brown (Brianna)’ lenses, this pair of lens is rather more natural-looking with its’ diameter to be 14.5mm and its’ graphic diameter to be 14mm. With only just a few difference within the lengths, you can absolutely tell the difference between the two from the ‘Angry Brown (Brianna) lenses and the ‘Ashley-S Blue (3 Color)’. The average life span for this particular lens is six months. The appearance and color the lens present is a mild blue, depending on the natural eyes’ color. After only a few wears, I would have to say the the comfort level, on a rank of five with five being the most comfortable, I would have to give it a four. A four out of five for comfort.

In all honesty, I have yet to actually thoroughly put this particular lens to use except for maybe one or two wears. But for the times that I have worn the lenses, I always had a difficult time with wearing them as they always seemed to be irritating my eyes. Maybe I did not put wear them on properly or something, I am not too sure. But I am definitely planning to work more with it and hope it will actually prove me wrong. Therefore, the ratings I have ranked for this particular lenses is based off of how I have tested them and by its’ appearance. If my ranking changes after more trials with this particular lens, I will be sure to update this blog post. But for the meantime, the lens is still very beautiful and gives a natural appearance with enhancements to the eyes.



WEBSITE: http://klenspop.com/

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/klenspop

INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2stBLhi

‘ANGRY BROWN (BRIANNA)’: http://bit.ly/2s7ztqH

‘ASHLEY-S BLUE (3 COLOR)’: http://bit.ly/2qNJFko



All photos and reviews, opinions are 100% my own. Thank you to Klenspop for giving me the privilege to review your cosmetic lenses. If you have any other questions, feel free to message, email, or comment to me and I will gladly respond back to you as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to follow me on my other social media networks and subscribe for new weekly blog posts!


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