“On This Day…”

“You deserve a love like no other. One that is passionate and patient. One that will mend your soul and listen when you’ve had a bad day. You deserve a love that serves you proudly and joyfully. One that will shamelessly do things to ignite that smile. You deserve it all.”

Not that I regret anything up until this day, but there are days that I wonder how things would have turned out if I went the other way. Where would I be now? What would I be doing? Who would I still have kept in contact with? Out of curiosity, there are still so many unanswered questions that may never come with an answer and maybe I will never get to know, but that’s a part a life, right? We all chose a path that left some doors to close and new doors to open, and without knowing it was either a step into the light or was it a step into a storm? Not that I am always jumping back onto memory lane and wishing for a different fall out, but there’s always that feeling within me of unfinished business as if I must say, do, or know a missing part before I move on. But nonetheless, I am already here, where I am today, even without knowing. I guess, like pieces of a puzzle everything will come together unknowingly once it is put together. At some point, and by the obstacles that we take on, they all seem to mend us in a different yet unique way bringing us closure to who we are now and who we are yet to become.

The inserted statement above was taken from my Tumblr blog, a blog I ran back in 2010. I wasn’t reminded of the statement out of the blue, but by Facebook’s “On This Day…” post, it brought me back to it. So I figured I would try to find the original blog post on my Tumblr account. Obviously, the statement was sent to my inbox anonymously. So I cannot say who it was from, but what I can say or want to assume is that whomever it was that sent it to me must have known me personally it seems…or I may be wrong, after all this is only my assumption. Whether it may have been someone dear to be then, or someone online, if you knew me then during my Tumblr days, I always poured out my thoughts whatsoever so it could have been anyone. Reading that statement then, made me smile as I’m sure it would have made anyone smile. Now, even after rereading it, it still warms my heart and still remains true. I believe everyone deserves a love whom would uplift their soul in spirits, love like no other, and go out of their ways in giving the world to their better-half. The kind of love we all dream about and wish upon when we meet the one. An unimaginable kind of love that is hard to find and once found becomes treasured gold.


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