A Vivid Inspiration from A Sixth Grader

Last week I had the honor of attending my younger siblings’ bridging ceremony at the Elementary school. The Elementary school I myself attended and have spent the start of my education, from kindergarten through the sixth grade. To be able to witness my siblings’ accomplishments as they walked up to the stage when their names were called and receiving their awards was a moment to remember. In that very moment, I wanted to keep encouraging them to do well in their education and that this was the only beginning, the beginning stage to what would soon play out in the near future.

Among the many speeches I heard that day, some having been practiced, written down, or improvised… The only speeches that ceased to interest me the most was the opening speech given by one of my siblings’s friends, and the closing speech which was given by yet another student, the classes’ valedictorian. It was so inspiring that I had no intentions of recording it. To be honest, I never really thought it would have been that good. Literally. The speeches given by those two students, who happened to be the classes’ valedictorian and salutatorian, was beyond my expectations. In my opinion, their speeches topped both the two high school soon-to-be graduates as well as the faculties’.

From a very vivid and faint memory, the only thing I can recall about the classes’ valedictorian’s speech was a quote by Walt Disney and another quote that he had researched during one of his projects, a quote about judgement. I cannot say nor remember what the quote said exactly, therefore I will not say much about it, but can say that it was very inspirational and I felt very moved by it. It almost seemed as if it was something I needed to hear. In this very moment, it still bothers me that I had chose not to record the speech and cannot seem to remember what it was exactly. But as I have said, I was very moved by the fellow sixth grader’s speech. Somehow, as silly as it may seem, it was able to give me strength. Another thing that I also admired most about the student was that he was so God-driven. While pursuing his education and working towards success, he particularly addressed that if it were not for God guiding him through times in need and watching over him, he may have not made it. But with the love, guidance, and light of the Lord, he was able to overcome the challenges and obstacles he faced throughout the school year. At such a young age, he and his fellow classmates have accomplished so much. I only hope he and his graduating class will continue to strive towards success.

A few things that I have learned from attending my siblings’ sixth grade bridging ceremony is that to never doubt what will come from the mouth and mind of a sixth grader and no matter where I am in life, it is never too late to keep moving forward. If I could go back in time and restart my education career all over, I would in a heart beat. Even though I may be lost in today’s world not knowing what I want to become, I hope I will find the answers soon. No matter how old we are or where we are in life, I hope that as we begin to sprout out wings in the field of education and success, may be strive to perform our very best and to become the person we want to be instead of what others want us to be.



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