Choker Game Strong?!… The Secret to a Flawless Neck!?

Yaaasss! I’ve finally got my hands on the perfect choker, the one I’ve been looking for all along! The one choker that is able to complete any look and one that you’ll be the most envious of (haha).  Okay, I’m just kidding! What a [ch]oker I am! Whose else is laughing with me? Was my pun funny or what?


Alright alright, in all seriousness, what I am wearing on my neck is not a choker. It is a neck patch mask from Vella Cosmetics. I personally never knew such thing existed, although I do know that there are such creams that are made for the face and neck, but never knew that such a mask existed. This mask is definitely one of a kind; a mask that is able to hydrate the skin by providing moisture, brightening, anti-aging agents, and a wrinkle-free appearance due to aging.

As I am still not familiar with the Korean language, I myself had to do a little research before putting the neck patch to use since the packaging did not come with any English labels. Even after researching all that I could, there was still not much details that I could recover. Therefore, the only option that I had was the detailed photos of the how-to use and duration of use which were easily depicted from the packaging. Before applying the mask, I did decide to rinse my neck with lukewarm water and pat it dry before applying the mask on.

When applying the mask, I would suggest to tie your hair up if you happen to have long hair as it may be in the way when applying the mask on. The mask once peeled and ready to be placed onto the neck has a very sticky consistency and will stick to whatever it touches. So be sure to tie up any loose hair that is around the neck area, specifically the back. Now the mask alone is very easy to apply but I would suggest to carefully place the mask on and make sure to not wrap it too tightly around the neck. Since the mask is 30cm long, it will definitely be able to make a close at the back of the neck with an exception of a small gap. Also, while having the mask on, I would advise to stay still and not to move so much as the mask may shift or crease. Not to mention, the right side of the mask is made of felt, so it too is made very comfortable and soft, while the wrong side is more of a jelly-like consistency and sticky yet gentle and soft. Lastly, while having the mask on myself, I did notice that if not placed nicely onto the neck, some parts may lose it’s sticky consistency and may not be able to stick on as well as it should on the skin.

From my personal experience after using the mask, I loved how it left my skin feeling soft and refreshed. It did not leave any uncomfortable residue which I was very surprised, but if anything it was little to nothing which did not bother me at all. Since the package only came with five masks, I believe that I would still not to be able to see any progress with the results, but I may be wrong. I would also like to mention that from my little online research that I had done before using the mask, I did see some photos of the before and after use. The results were amazing and I believe it does do what it claims to do. BUT that is only my opinion. If I had more of the mask, I would definitely put it to use. Whether your skin is still young or not, it is perfectly okay to use the product as it has other features that may be able to help provide for your skin to becoming healthier maintaining a youthful appearance.


Whether a cream or neck patch, it is important to take care of the skin on your neck as well. I promise you that once you’ve become inclined to a facial skincare routine, you will not want to stop. Not only is it so good to feel good, but you’re also helping your future self out. You will feel much happier with how your skin feels than before and notice the difference after a while. I myself have dealt with bare-skin insecurity when going out in public, but since I have taken the time to care for my skin and have adopted a skincare routine, I have never felt more happy with how my skin feels and am now embracing the bare-face out in public. In other words, I am simply in love with my skin as it is now and have learned to embrace it by properly caring for it. Never have I been happier in my own skin, thanks to my current skincare routine.


Vella Cosmetics website:

Vella Neck Patch Set:



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