Trying out Men’s Face Wash? My Latest Obsession?! l RS Cleansing Foam for Men

I believe it’s been a month since I last used my favorite line of skincare products since I ran out and I’ve been dying to find a new temporary replacement until I can order me a new set. Thankfully I received a new skincare face wash by Reskin Solution, a brand that I am quite familiar with and never seems to disappoint. The product that I received by Reskin Solution is the RS Cleansing Foam for Men. Yes, “FOR MEN”. As soon as I examined the product and its packaging, I was quite skeptical about using the product since it was made for men, but then again I was sure it was safe for women to use as well since it was sent to me.


After having second thoughts, I decided to put it to use for trial-and-error as my skin may or may not object to it. Luckily, the trial-and-error phase passed and I am currently using it as my morning and night face wash routine. I honestly have to say that I am completely in love with this product. I know I probably say that all the time when I try new products, but I’m being down right honest with you in the very moment, I LOVE IT. You know I would never recommend products I don’t like, I mean who does?

As it is exclusively made for men, its’ purpose is to cleanse the stressed skin of men with ingredients containing Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract that would effectively remove sebum and dead skin cells while keeping the skin feeling cleaner and smoother. The product also features two other amazing natural ingredients that also plays a key role in making the facial cleansing so much more enjoyable and soothing: the Daucus Carota Sinensis (Carrot) Root Extract and the Chaenomeles Sinensus Fruit Extract which serves to effectively moisturize the skin after a facial cleansing.


One of the things that I love about facial cleansing products is that they are true to what they claim to be. I love that this particular product is able to moisturize and cleanse my face as it claims to. I especially love how the product is able to absorb and wash away excess oils my skin secretes and leaves it feeling new and cleansed. Some days I would have really bad oil spills and once I wash my face with this product, I’ve never been happier! I love the way it leaves my skin feeling new, moisturized, and smooth!


To use the product, simply take a generous amount (a small amount of the product goes a long way) and mix it with water until it foams. When the product foams, you can then massage it or rub it lightly to the face. You may also use a face towel or facial cleanser brush for a more thorough cleansing when washing the face. After a thorough cleansing, rinse the face with lukewarm water and you are done! The product also has a very light sweet smell to it, a sweet fresh papaya scent. It’s neither too strong nor scentless, which I think it’s perfect. The scent is rather soothing and refreshing. If you don’t care for scents at all you’ll hardly be able to smell it. It’s a win win for either or.

I honestly cannot put this product down and who knows how much product remains in the container. I feel as if it’s about empty, which I think it probably is. I’ve also recommended my brother to using this product and I believe it’s been helping him with his skin as well, as he has been breaking out as of lately. If you’re currently looking for a good facial wash for your man, male friend, etc…, I would highly recommend this product as it is very simple to use and leaves the skin feeling flawlessly smooth and moisturized. You won’t be disappointed!


Overall, I honestly am in love with this product. I seriously do not have anything negative to say about this product. It is as true to itself as can be. With the size being considerably small, about the size of my hand, you’ll be able to take it with you on your travels and on-the-go. The packaging is neatly and nicely done so it won’t spill or go anywhere as it is capped tightly. I can’t express my love for this product enough! I might have to order me another one soon!

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